24 Jan 2014

Speed blogging

  1. Me, on the radio (after a minute of folk music :), discussing "what does water scarcity mean to Canadians?" (30 min MP3)

  2. This thesis looks at the struggle to provide water to the poor in Bolivia

  3. An examination (and perhaps critique) of China's transboundary relations; Ethiopia, meanwhile, says "boo" to Egypt's claim of Nile waters

  4. Non-residential water consumers in England and Wales will be customers in 2017, when they get to choose their retail water provider (as is now the case in Scotland)

  5. DC's water utility is building a "500-year storm barrier" to protect its facilities from climate change. DC is on of "11 US cities" that may run out of water. The others are in CA(2), FL, GA, NE, OH, TX(3), UT, but I bet that the vulnerable list is very long.

  6. "Does the Endangered Species Act Preempt State Water Law (and property rights)?" Yes, for now

  7. The EU will now debate whether a human right to water should be enshrined in EU law and that public, not private companies should be responsible for providing water services. I suspect that no legislation will emerge from this debate, as the key to access is income support for the poor, not rights, and there's no evidence that the public sector is either more efficient nor cheaper than the private sector in the long run (short-run reductions in prices can reduce reliability). Related: Swedish public utilities price according to each other more than costs
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