6 Jan 2014

Speed blogging

  1. An analysis of American farmers' "notorious exemption" from the Clean Water Act

  2. Here's a 45 minute video demonstration of all-in-auctions that I did with ecologists and economists in Oklahoma (more info on AiA here)

  3. Water scarcity will get worse in the future (climate change update). Some think "there's plenty of water," but they miss the economic and ecological costs of getting it

  4. BC Hydro's smart meters did not "materially" reduce household energy consumption. Two reasons: intraday price differences were too small and/or most people "waste" energy in their capital decisions (old furnace or new air conditioner), not in how they use those appliances. Water, ironically, may be more elastic. This post has good tips on understanding (and reducing) home energy use

  5. The Romans practiced "some for free, pay for more" water management (Salzman reviewed here). Sad that most water companies can't separate the two (i.e., average prices are too low)
H/T to JR

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