28 Jan 2014

Sound familiar?

I'm editing my book now and came across these words, which I wrote back in November:
All farmers turn water into money, and farmers -- users of about 70-80 percent of the water in most countries -- have a lot to lose from water shortages. Those high stakes explain why farmers complain when they do not get enough water, why they are increasingly in conflict with cities, environmentalists and each other, and why they lobby for relaxed enforcement of rules that "threaten food security."
Maybe Governor Brown has fallen for their claims.*

* Yes, California farmers are facing "unprecedented" water shortages, etc., but who was foolish enough to guarantee -- or believe in -- 100 percent irrigation reliability?

H/T to RM


  1. All farmers turn water into money. They also turn water into food.

  2. @JR -- Yes, but some of them worry far more about money (sometimes getting paid to NOT farm) than food. It's an issue with industrial scale farmers who are not part of their community as much as traders in commodities.

  3. Right. I don’t fault them for worrying about money – we all do that to one degree or another. But getting paid not to farm is quite another matter…

  4. Yes, and I worry about worrying about subsidies (corruption) more than worrying about money (legit)


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