31 Jan 2014

Some things to read

I read a lot, for curiosity and fun. I get most of my stuff via email lists, The Browser and Reddit.

You may want to read these interesting articles:
  1. How to Start Thinking Like a Data Scientist -- useful for the "data-challenged"
  2. The Decay of American Political Institutions -- insightful and scary
  3. Snowden and Greenwald: The Men Who Leaked the Secrets -- two idealistic Americans who've read #2
  4. I'm an Undocumented Farm Worker -- and I'm just like you
  5. Polyester Airlines: Europe's Ryanair vs. America's Southwest -- Southwest is cuddly but less profitable
  6. The Ghostwriting Business... serves most politicians and celebrities (as it should?)
  7. Interview with Ha-Joon Chang, a Korean economist at Cambridge who values reality over math
  8. Time to leave GDP behind [pdf] -- suggestions for replacement and a nice complement to my chapter, "economists owe ecology an apology"
  9. Academics put some numbers behind "obvious" ideas: school vouchers help public school students in Florida [pdf], health subsidies help the poor and reduce infant deaths in Thailand [pdf] and low bidders in Italian procurement auctions often cost more in reality [pdf]
  10. "Does journalism have a future?" Fascinating, historical context

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