22 Jan 2014

Anything but water

  1. Bravo! University of California Press has opened access (=free) to 700 ebooks. On the darker side, there are now over 400 "predatory" open access publishers. Be careful where you send your work!

  2. The good part of the US farm bill? Conservation easements. That's it. The other parts subsidize wasteful, unhealthy industrial agriculture. Scientists propose a tax on meat to reduce methane emissions; I'd support that, after a carbon tax. (Both are easy to implement, save political corruption.)

  3. An excellent podcast on teaching. I've started calling out students (no waiting for hands) in class

  4. The post-NSA internet will be hosted by us. Gas pipelines, on the other hand, may start to route gas with methods used to route data on the internet. Those algorithms will be useful if most renewables will be centralized

  5. An update on how the Colombians make and smuggle cocaine to the US, further illustrating the hopelessness of the war on Americans' desire to party. Forget drugs, how about counterfeit, smuggled truffles?
H/Ts to JR and JW

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Ric Davidge said...

On (2): While at the US Dept of Interior I was an open and controversial champion of conservation easements to help particularly large land owner farmers cattlemen keep their land in ag use rather than have to deal with the growing reclassification of such land for subdivisions.

Got a lot of push back from OMB, but I was able to convince the President that this made sense.

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