13 Jan 2014

Anything but water

To serve and protect? (Colombian police get US $)
  1. The post-9/11 militarization of police means that Americans are 8x more likely to be killed by police than terrorists (by another measure, more Americans have died from American police than have died in Iraq). Armed police may be forced to wear cameras in Britain; cameras reduced use of force AND complaints against police in Rialto, California. I recommend Google Glass for all police, with red flashing lights that could be turned off for sneaky stuff (those recordings would be reviewed by citizen overseers). Police would be even more eager if they got data access as well as fewer complaints

  2. In this podcast, a central banker argues for replacing "too big to fail" with "too small to save." Agreed!

  3. Company town: Anti-oil protestors arrested for terrorism in Oklahoma

  4. This podcast gets into the complications around climate science. I agree that the models may not be very accurate, but very few scientists debate the negative impact of climate change.* That's why it's a good idea to implement no brainer changes such as ending subsidies for fossil fuels that waste money, increase fuel consumption and favor the rich over the poor. A carbon tax would be the next step (especially compared to subsidies for biofuels, solar, etc.) because it would drive energy efficiency. This advice (end consumption subsidies; tax scarcity) also applies to water, where efficient management improves reliability in drought or abundance**

  5. Industrial pollution in China has "killed" 3.5 million ha -- an area the size of Belgium

* I haven't heard anyone say if atmospheric turbulence will increase. If so, if could make flying more dangerous. Your thoughts?

** This recent MIT study highlights the interactions of population growth, economic activity and climate change. Good water management necessary in developed AND developing countries.

H/T to RM and JW

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