9 Jan 2014

Anything but water

  1. The NSA scandals have generated a lot of stories:*
  2. Marginal revolution reviews the pros and cons of working as an academic economist. Far fewer PhDs are doing so -- despite a heavy bias towards the path of their advisers -- because the rewards (financial and professional) have weakened. This government economist describes the good life

  3. Related: Elsevier goes after academics who promote their research. Free information disrupts publisher profits but no water manager is going to pay $41.95 to read my paper on all-in-auctions. That's why I post all my papers on my site

  4. From my travel guide: "The divide between rich and poor in Colombia remains enormous. The wealthiest 10% of the country controls 45% of the country's wealth." In the US, the wealthiest 10% of the country controls 76% of the country's wealth. Scary, and somewhat depressing, given that politicians are part of that 10 percent. Calitalism will not fix this problem, so perhaps "socialist" Europe's idea of "free money" as a replacement for welfare and promoter of social harmony and individual progress will work? Not sure, but I'd rather be over there, where my taxes do not go to wars and millionaires.

  5. Coyote celebrates quitting a California county that strangled his business. He would sympathize with the "Garbage Warrior" -- a guy whose desire to build innovative housing in New Mexico was crushed by the planning department. Watch the documentary
Addendum: There's a movement to attack the NSA by its Achilles heel, i.e., cutting it off from water or energy supplies. Water would be easier, as it's under local political control. They have my blessing.

H/T to BP

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