5 Dec 2013

Too much civil obedience?

Matt Damon reads Howard Zinn's 1970 speech very well. It's a pity that he's recycling, as that indicates (1) not much progress and (2) no new thinkers leading on these issues

Related: I finished the first season of House of Cards (the US edition) as a demonstration of political manipulation in the service of power (over the good of the people, to be sure). I hadn't recognized that it was based on the brilliant BBC version made over 20 years ago (I ran into it, late one night in Zagreb, and was transfixed by the cynical manipulation). Some things never change, and that's why civil obedience is so troubling. For a clear view on how business and capitalism can overcome the flaws of politics, read this interview with Marc Andreessen; for a clear view on how aid and political management can destroy the dynamism read this essay on Africa by Paul Theroux (H/T to BE).

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