4 Dec 2013

Speed blogging

  1. Worse news on acidic oceans. Speaking of bad news from climate change, melting permafrost also means that previously frozen oil waste is seeping into environmental waters

  2. TX farmers may go a third year without water -- time for markets! (Oil and gas companies are already recycling water). At least this California city knows how to sell water (and rebate money to customers!)

  3. Academics on flood insurance in the UK, water (quality) markets in New Zealand (a place with ag pollution), and a simulation of markets for non-point source pollution

  4. This shower that recycles hot water saves money IF water or energy are expensive

  5. The National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners is leaning towards "decoupling" by increasing fixed charges to match (rapidly rising) fixed costs [pdf]. This is wise, and it fits my suggestion to match variable costs and revenues and ALSO charge for scarcity (i.e., REAL full cost recovery)
H/Ts to TM, AR and DV