25 Nov 2013

Monday funnies

Iberia, a Spanish airline now owned by IAG (owner of British Airways) has had troubles, so I was interested to see this image in my email:

Oh, I asked myself. Maybe a new union contract? Change in routes? Sale of excess airplanes?

Nope. This is "change":
All change has to happen some day, a day like today.

Today, we set a new course. The most exciting journey we’ve ever embarked on. A voyage of discovery together with you, delivering the best travel experience ever. So you still feel at home, however many thousands of miles away you may be.

That’s why today we are presenting our new livery, a new image for a new Iberia. We’d love you to be a part of it, to share this exciting journey with us because that’s what make sense of it all.

Today, Iberia is changing. And tomorrow? Can you imagine?
So, an airline that lost 300 million recently is announcing a rearrangement of its colors? I don't think I'll bother to imagine what they'll do tomorrow.

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