8 Nov 2013

Anything but water

  1. Women [economists] focus on different things: An analysis of healthcare during pregnancy and a cost-benefit explanation of UK (US) prison failure -- something the Scandinavians have addressed

  2. "Beautiful Trouble lays out the core tactics, principles and theoretical concepts that drive creative activism, providing analytical tools for changemakers to learn from their own successes and failures." The fast-paced, interesting 490pp book is available for download, via the google

  3. Also from the Yes Men is this special edition New York Times (ad to right) I agree that the world could be a better place. Too bad that it's run by asshats. Read it and dream act [pdf]

  4. Agreed! 18 signs you're reading a bad criticism of economics and 6 signs that you're reading good criticism

  5. Things to do before you're 30. I've done all of these, if you count this video as a meme :)

  6. The Straight Dope on fracking (necessary unless we drop energy consumption by 50+ percent), a useful warning on fracking yields, and how Bill "350" McKibben et al. lost the plot in opposing Keystone XL (instead of taking more effective action). The carbon lobby is pleased, of course, to see them diverted -- in the same way as the Japanese are pleased that people are paying attention to whales -- and missing the devastation of tuna
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