20 Nov 2013

Anything but water

See the bike? Woo hoo Vancouver!
  1. An interesting discussion of the golden rule. My favorite: "Do it without saying you're doing it" (does not apply when writing books :). Related: How some cultures cooperate while others do not

  2. I'm very pleased to see more women in power (rising fast in Africa) as a result of quotas - a policy I described six years ago. Mommies > wars

  3. "Amsterdam defends the title as the world's most bicycle-friendly city... Amsterdam does almost everything right." Vancouver? Canada? Not even in the rankings.

  4. An essay on the economics of slums

  5. Tyler Cowen: It's great that the FAA is allowing people to use smart phones; the bad news is how long it took to undo a bad regulation. Speaking of which, driving more stakes into the heart of ethanol

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