6 Nov 2013

A word from our sponsors: Get Fat Now

Too tired to think? Have a cookie!
I've heard for years about people who blame "something else" for being overweight. This blame does not make sense, given that obesity -- unlike, say, broken legs -- is a modern occurrence, and that's why people need to read "No, you don't have a disease -- you're fat."

Then it's time to take a second look at social signals and personal responsibility and incentives. The social signals include advertising that encourages people to eat more and stay fat. For personal responsibility, I think it's fair to charge fat people more for airline seats or health care, in the same way that smokers pay more for health insurance and bad drivers pay more for auto insurance.

That's why this spoof of an airline that sets fees according to passenger weights is neither silly (it makes sense) nor a spoof (it happened to us in Nicaragua; Samoan Airlines already does it for real).

Bottom Line: Sure, get fat -- just don't expect others to pay for the resulting costs.