30 Oct 2013

Speed blogging

  1. Victory! The US government is phasing out subsidies for flood insurance (wow, a private market may emerge!). Some people are upset that price increases constitute a "taking" of their property values (who wants to pay full price to live in a flood zone). If that's true, I recommend that they sue for reimbursement from the land developers who build "high security houses" there in the first place

  2. I saw Watermark a few weeks ago in the theatre, which was a great way to enjoy the huge panoramas of water in motion and water abuse by humans. The directors (from Canada) spoke after the film, taking the high road of "we need people to think about how they see and use water" over the low road of "do this to solve our water problems." I agree with that perspective, given the importance of local ideas and local support for solving water problems (some academics discuss governance). Here's the trailer:

  3. Footprints are just about as dead as ethanol, i.e., they are policy irrelevant, one-dimensional indicators

  4. "Jellyfish take over the oceans" is not the title for a horror movie. It's news -- and bad news -- for humans who want to swim, eat fish, or use ocean water for cooling and other industrial processes

  5. A lifecycle assessment of the tradeoffs between saving water and spending energy when it comes to wastewater recycling

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