16 Oct 2013

Speed blogging

  1. Read the Twenty-first century manifesto for the New California Water Atlas!

  2. I had a nice chat (56 min on YouTube or MP3) with Tim SolWoong Kim on his project (the Pursuit of Water), water supplies in Haiti and how to use media to create change

  3. This issue of Water Alternatives has many articles on self-supply of water, an area that most of us forget about. Far more interesting (to me) is this past issue of Water Alternatives, in which veteran water advisers describe how they overcame or failed to deal with political barriers to improved water management in various countries. Highly recommended for insights on the difference between theory and practice. On a related, but more humorous, note check out the various ways that Burners failed to turn projects from idle dreams into reality in the middle of a windy desert

  4. International Rivers and other anti-poverty, pro-environment groups protest the World Bank's subsidies to big dams and fossil fuel projects. Too bad they didn't start campaigning when I called this out last year

  5. The poles are going to see a larger effect from climate change, but the impact will be more harmful at the tropics, because those ecosystems are not geared for extremes

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