8 Oct 2013

Speed blogging

THIS is how to reduce runoff from your driveway
  1. Engineering porn: 10 awesome movable bridges

  2. Peter Gleick has copy/pasted the water sections from IPCC5, which reports that precipitation will intensify, timing and location of precip will change, glaciers melting will accelerte and sea levels will rise. There's no mention of ocean acidification, but you can read the summary [pdf] for yourself :)

  3. The EU is recommending that water tariffs reflect the FULL cost of water, including its value as a natural resource. Great!

  4. The problem with assessing the impact of "risk" on company operations is that definitions of risk vary!

  5. Coca Cola has partnered with DEKA (Dean Kamen, of Segway fame) to deliver clean water (and Coca Cola, vaccine and food) via 1,500 kiosks in LDCs. I wonder how they will balance between charity, profit and advertising
H/Ts to BE, MR and TS

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