1 Oct 2013

Lies, damned lies and eating

I was pretty shocked to see this advertisement in a bus in Victoria (the capital of British Columbia). It may portray the "average" ice cream eater, but it omits the consequences of eating their product. My dad just had a quadruple bypass. It wasn't exactly because he was overweight (he's 80), but he DID have to stop eating ice cream a few years ago "to avoid heart trouble." Where is THAT moment mentioned?

In the last year, I have not changed my mind on banning advertising. If anything, I have an even stronger belief in that regulation. We have plenty of ways to discover new products, good products, and good businesses (e.g., word of mouth, reviews, consumer reports). Advertising, OTOH, is always aimed at making something look better than it is.

For example, what do you think you'll find in this product?

Perhaps four cheeses? Sorry! There's more fructose, salt, oil and corn starch than cheese!

Here's a simple regulation: images on labels -- if any -- should show ingredients in proportion to their presence in the product.

Bottom Line: Ban advertising as harmful to consumers; require truth in labeling.