2 Oct 2013


Looks like the government did something useful before shutting down:*
Airline passengers should be allowed to use their personal electronic devices to read, play games or enjoy movies and music, even when planes are on the ground or flying below 10,000 feet, according to recommendations an advisory panel sent to the Federal Aviation Administration on Monday.


Consumer electronics makers have long called for the relaxed rules. Amazon, which makes the Kindle electronic reader, once loaded a plane with Kindles to see whether it would have an impact on flight instruments.

“We’ve been fighting for our customers on this issue for years — testing an airplane packed full of Kindles, working with the F.A.A., and serving as the device manufacturer on this committee,” Drew Herdener, a spokesman for Amazon, which makes the Kindle. “This is a big win for customers and, frankly, it’s about time.”

* Although I'm not sure if it should get credit for undoing a silly policy. Oh, and read this great description of the shutdown (via JP), which uses idioms reserved for developing countries.

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