18 Oct 2013

Anything but water

  1. Wake up Washington, part 28: Here's a climate and energy plan that goes beyond President Obama's current [totally inadequate] proposal. On a related note, check out this argument that regional treaties will be more effective than a global climate change policy. I agree (I've argued that we should call it "local warming" to get local traction that can be built up) with those economists, but I agree that other economists need to fix their flawed models of climate change
    Do government databases need a salary, or is the USG willfully incompetent?
  2. One way to reduce urban congestion is higher parking fees (raising the cost of fuel or car ownership hits rural people). Extra fees can subsidize municipal mass transit, but I'd just deregulate public transport -- entrepreneurs care about getting you there because they can get paid

  3. Alberta's replacement for the Keystone XL? How about oil planes?

  4. Has Iceland done better by making banks pay? This article argues that the macro data are not as good as some thing, but I think that this article's discussion of the micro recovery is more relevant (so, yes, I still favor making Wall Street pay)

  5. The Dutch have replaced Americans as the world's tallest people. Public health, exercise and nutrition matter
H/T to TS and BT

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