3 Oct 2013

Anything but water

  1. An entertaining clarification of the difference between Holland and the Netherlands

  2. College may be worth it, but I wish that people would see education as a goal, instead of just a means to money. In a related story, Wharton is putting first year MBA classes online, for free. Why? Because people will still pay a lot to meet other MBA students at Wharton. That's not because they will be good study buddies; it's because they will use connections to get a leg up in making money and deals. That's good when it lowers transaction costs but bad if it eliminates competition. Don't have money for four years or time to watch free classes? Maybe you want to buy a diploma online. Read this GREAT story of an academic who took down a counterfeit empire that was based in Washington State

  3. If we're going to eat more meat (either b/c of the primal diet or merely to "eat rich") then it's good to see that meat production can be sustainable. The key is fewer feedlots and more grazing over varied landscapes

  4. Venezuelans are buying airline tickets but not flying -- they use tickets to arbitrage black market currency trades. Some may want to fly, to escape food shortages caused by land seizures and government interventions in markets and prices

  5. Electricity regulation was more about giving extra profits to utilities (i.e., regulatory capture) than investing in larger networks. From what I've seen in the US and UK, it's probably the same with water

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