18 Sep 2013

Which cover for the next End of Abundance?

A few people submitted designs for the cover contest for my new book (subtitle: "Common Sense Solutions to Water Scarcity")

I'd like to know if you have any comments on how to improve these designs (or if you have a better one!)

Cover 1

Cover 2

Cover 3

Cover 4


  1. Take no1. Perfect. Cheers, valentijn

  2. I think Cover 1 is also good, but would move the recommendation quote to the back. It looks too busy to me otherwise.

  3. I think #1 is pretty powerful!

  4. 1. It's clear and obvious what the book is about

  5. Cover 2 is pretty powerful

  6. I like #1. #2 is OK but unappetizing. 3 & 4 look too much like textbooks.

  7. #2. The bees are cool and that picture is unique while #1 may look a bit better but its been done before (the cracked earth, etc.)
    I am a bit partial to that one too

  8. I prefer Cover 1. Covers 3 and 4 and very textbook-y, and cover 2 is a bit difficult to comprehend at first glance.

  9. Re overall layout of 4 options: first two are pretty good, last two are not. Re photos: definitely eliminate two and three (and four, because it’s the same as three but even worse). The first one is the only one that might be usable. Reasoning: You want the cover photo to have immediate and strong impact, you want what it is showing to be very clear literally and conceptually, and you want what it is showing to be directly and crucially relevant to the subject of the book. The second, third (and fourth) photos definitely don’t meet those criteria.

  10. 1st for sure

  11. No. 1 is a great picture but the basic idea is done to death (cracked earth, selfie shadow). I bet you can find 50 books on water/scarcity/climate change with a similar cover art.

    No. 2, on the other hand, is a unique image. One I have never seen before. So it conveys that this book might be a bit different than the 100s of others on this/similar themes.

  12. I was going to say #1, but Abraham Abhishek's comment changes my mind. He's absolutely right about the "50 other books out there" thing.

    Thinking about the purpose of a cover, if its to attract those that are browsing, then catching their eye with something different is key.

    What about having a kid holding a hose as if to water a lawn, but the ground is a parched soil landscape. I know its artificial, but it might grab the browser more?

    I know, I know, you're not looking for MORE ideas :)

  13. 1 or 3

    (2 looks a little like a text book)

  14. The third and the fourth are too grey for my taste.

    The second: I am not sure what I see on the picture. The connection to “the end of abundance” is not so immediate.

    Hence I like the first best. If you think it’s too standard, I think it’s nice to see the shadow of the photographer. In particular if it is your own photo. Is it?

  15. Weighing late here, but #1 gets my very strong vote.

  16. I like number 1 better! Number two makes me feel uncomfortable. If I were writing a book on this topic I would like people to feel discomfort and disbelief, not disgust. Also depends on the topic of your book. Is this about bad governance, literal lack of water, or poor quality water? The answer to this question should be reflected on the cover. For example, number 2 makes me think about poor quality water. I look forward to reading your book!


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