9 Sep 2013

Speed blogging

  1. I've got a chapter ("Economists owe ecology an apology") in Green growth and water allocation, a new book published by UNESCO and available for free download. Check it out

  2. How to survive (a little longer) without water and how NOT to store water in a managed aquifer -- especially when that means losing $50 million!

  3. A good discussion of (manmade) water scarcity versus (natural) drought

  4. "Disruptive conservation" may be more effective at protecting watersheds while improving crop yields because it looks at outcomes instead of the costs and processes of implementing conservation practices

  5. What happens when people cannot be penalized for not paying their water bills? Those who do not pay shift the burden onto those who do. (I'd resolve this problem with renters by making landlords liable. Note also that the average water bill in Wales -- where water is abundant but infrastructure costly -- is about $675 per year)
H/T to DL

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