30 Sep 2013

Speed blogging

  1. A nice slide deck on water in Australia (emphasis on markets and Victoria), which is facing yet another drought

  2. Speaking of drought (now happening in many US states), here are two posts on drought (overview and planning) from some USGS folks. The economic plan is to keep water in aquifers for when you need it. That's not happening in California, which leads Fleck to ask if social scientists can help. They can if bailouts (e.g., Delta exports) are taken off the table and water users are forced to cooperate with limited resources instead of pretending they can carry on!

  3. Someone made an interesting point with respect to water footprinting. It's not just silent on the problem of water scarcity in the area where water is being used; its method of calculating NET water used in production also ignores potential problems with losses in the system of delivering water (let alone what happens to "used" water). Footprinting is a misleading waste of money

  4. The insurance industry is changing its models to integrate climate change risks, mostly by throwing out historical data it has used for decades. Prices are going to rise, to capture the uncertainty (not risk!). Insurance policies are going to have far more surprises

  5. Speaking of which, a new project has launched to use natural infrastructure to adapt to climate change

  6. Articles on Minoan and Etruscan water technologies, expanding and using smart metering, and pharmaceuticals in drinking water
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