10 Sep 2013

Has my blog or book had any impact?

I've been blogging for over five years. Aguanomics has had over a million page views for 4,500+ posts.

I've also sold over 1,700 copies of The End of Abundance, which is based on material on the blog.

I wrote both because I want to help improve water management, but improvements are hard to measure or see.*

So I'd like to know of any stories of how either has done so and how those changes worked out.

If you have any, feel free to email me or leave a comment here. Thanks!

* I also enjoy blogging -- and sometimes post non-water related stuff, just to keep things interesting.


Vladimir Soria said...

I have shared this info and it helps students of my university to get involved with water economics topics and policies. Maybe in the future we can improve our resarch.

Thanks for your time blogging.


Anonymous said...

Although I can't give a specific event or example where your blog has been solely responsible for a work decision, I do enjoy the blog posts, video chats, links and other content. Collectively, this blog - and other sources of information - have stimulated and challenged my thinking. For that, I'm sure the blog has had incremental impacts for me. Thanks for the time and effort you put in - I, for one, appreciate it!

John Fleck said...

David - This is at best an indirect measure, but I'm helping teach a graduate-level introduction to contemporary New Mexico water policy this fall (dipping my toe into academia!) and my co-instructor, Bob Berrens, has included both the blog and the book on the class reading list. Getting the next generation of policy practitioners thinking about the points you are making seems of some significant use.

Fernando said...


I just recently found your blog and it has already helped my career.

I am the sales manager of a Water and Wastewater treamtment company (in Brazil) and the rich information I encountered in your posts and papers have helped me with presentations and meetings with clients, specially when I need to explain the importance of a sustainable water use by a heavy consumer (industries, for example).

Anonymous said...

Absolutely! I hope you know that you've inspired some of my thinking when it comes to water policy. I read your book in 2011, I've been reading your blog since 2008, and I've cited your stuff/ideas in my academic work.

KL said...

I can't offer any stories of direct change in water management based on your work. BUT I do teach water policy / environmental policy classes and I use your blog material in class; whenever I have students interested in the economics of water, I send them directly to your blog / book. I've cited your book in my own work as well...

So, indirectly, I like to think that this will have an impact in the future as these students step into positions where they make water-relevant decisions OR simply as informed voters in making water-relevant decisions for their communities.

I appreciate your blog as a way to keep up with some current events / thinking that would not normally cross my screen because I'm not an economist... so thank you for that!

Joan said...

Aguanomics is my blog #1. Thanks for this, great work!

JD said...

I read your blog everyday at work and 2/3 times click on a link to something else, usually water related but sometimes not. The majority of my intellectual reading at work is coming from your site and links, it is definitely something I look forward to and I enjoy the vast array and viewpoints. I am moving to Virginia and will be taking this with me. The thought provoking articles on water are excellent and good exposure. Keep up the good work!

You sent out a reading list and I enjoyed many, many of the books.

Chris Maxwell-Gaines said...

I have been a lurker on your blog for many years now. You are a wonderful and insightful resource for anyone in the water industry. I truly appreciate your stance on water pricing.

As a fellow water industry person, your consistent blogging really inspires me to blog.

Thank you for all of the time and effort you put into this blog. I know it takes a lot of care.

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