18 Sep 2013

Desalination: Why Not

The Water Channel just released this video. Yes, it's me talking, but it's damned good :)


  1. Interesting and sceptical

  2. Excellent. The final image comparing willingness to drink pure water coming out of a toilet vs. unclean water in a stream is right on. A number of cities and S. Cal. districts are aiming at 100% reliance on combinations of groundwater and recycled wastewater in the near future. West Basin Groundwater Dst. a good example.

  3. Reluctance to drink treated wastewater is not "just a psycholigical problem" . The repugnance is based on a conditioned response we have been trained to have in relation to faeces.

    The only way to fix it is to extinguish the response, which is very costly to do in a mass campaign.

    I host a litlle experiment on my invisiblewater.org website to deminstate this mechanism.

  4. -great video. In SoCal, a renewable powered floating offshore desal system potentially offers a seismic isolation quality. -not so much with land based infrastructure. While re-use is clearly the mainstay, a seismically isolated offshore desal source deserves consideration.

  5. Can we call it "Zetland's Law"? Reclaimed wastewater is alwayw less expensive than desalinated water? We could use some simplified statements like this ...


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