23 Sep 2013

Anything but water

  1. These Canadians love their oil terminal, but Alberta has no sense of humor about its pollution :(

  2. Who will win in the automated future? Those who listen, engage and motivate. The losers? Read on...

  3. Politicians who ignore good advice get bad (predicted) results, e.g., US oil policy in the 1970s. On a related fail, check out how the feds created then screwed up the ethanol "market"* and how the British government destroyed a valuable fishery while wasting money on photogenic sheep

  4. A thoughtful perspective on community food (for the people) versus commodity food (for the traders), and how American agriculture innovates (don't need subsidies for that!)

  5. Incineration vs recycling. Each has a place, but environmental-disaster tropical plantations are good only for corrupt politicians and thieves. Such practices may change if enough people realize that we're "committing suicide by planet"
* Addendum: Not surprising that this Indiana biofuels company stole $100 million by relabeling fuel or that this German firm evaded $180 million in tariffs to bring in cheap Chinese honey. You may be pleased that they got caught, but what about the firms that are not caught? What about all the money wasted chasing traders. We wouldn't have these problems, we'd have cheaper fuel and food, and we'd save tax money on enforcement if we just had free markets

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