8 Aug 2013

Speed blogging

  1. via Ecosystem marketplace, we get water quality trading in Indiana, stormwater trading in Washington DC, and a study that says water flows are better for Australian ecosystems than infrastructure upgrades. I've come to believe that a prosperous future means a LOT more water flowing and a MUCH smaller human footprint. Maybe that's why Louisiana is suing oil/gas companies for the damage they've done to wetlands -- damage that's causing a lot of harm to humans too

  2. That idea has not penetrated some heads at the World Bank, which is backing big dams again. That's not news if you read my post on the Dam Zombie 16 months ago

  3. Ofwat has changed its price formulas for water companies in England/Wales. I wonder how this was affected by (or caused) the departure of Ofwat's head, Regina Finn?

  4. I won't agree that Phoenix is doomed until they kill off their lawns (and all the irrigated hay)

  5. More insight into Singapore water management and yet another article speculating on how to "invest" in water (mostly via water technology companies). As usual, I caution investors to mid "regulatory risk" -- something that Singapore has minimized
H/T to GC

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