26 Aug 2013

Speed blogging

  1. Want to comment on California's water markets? Fill in this survey (10 min). Interested in tools for climate adaptation? Fill in this survey (10 min)

  2. An Indian court halts dam construction for fear that more dams will lead to more flooding, landslides, deaths and damages. That's what's going to happen as climate change increases variation. Time to restore watersheds, to allow natural features to absorb higher flows (and drier lows)

  3. A great response to the NYT's puff piece on charity:water, i.e., we need bottom up, sustainable business models

  4. Shortage on the Colorado River, again. Maybe MWD, Westlands, IID and Vegas can agree that it's time for water markets. Or maybe they will just keep trying to bribe or threaten politicians to give them water that's either not there or not theirs?

  5. The Pacific Institute worries that water bills are "unaffordable" in the California's Central Valley. That's because water providers need to clean up water polluted by agriculture. I don't think that bills are too high -- since there's a price to pay to make it drinkable -- but I do think that the State's Attorney General has a good case to sue polluters, to make them pay for their damages.
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