1 Aug 2013

Speed blogging

  1. I moderated a discussion hosted by Save the Delta on options for the Delta. I was surprised that the panelists were willing to continue exports at the same time as they hoped to restore the Delta. Listen to it [49 min MP3]

  2. I also had a very interesting "water chat" with Laci and Chach of the New California Water Atlas, on their efforts to drag state bureaucrats into the 21st century. Listen to that too [22 min MP3]

  3. Interesting: Tourism and water scarcity, low tech ways to store and conserve water (instead of investing in guns), and a short overview of the US (federal) government's role in water management

  4. Each degree (Celcius) increase in global temperatures will increase sea levels by 2.3m. That's bad news for Florida and other places where land is subsiding (due to tectonic shifts or compacting soils)

  5. The impact of "lumpiness" on water quality markets and a survey of the impacts of water meters -- they are not just about saving labor costs; they can make it easier to interact with customers

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