23 Aug 2013

How newspapers serve the community

Many newspapers have lost advertising to Craigslist and cut staff to concentrate on celebrities and sports. Those papers will go broke, for lack of value to the community. Newspapers, at their best, are useful for investigating and discussing local policies and events. They do not need to be printed on paper, but they do need to be accessible and "on the record" so that citizens and authorities have a focal point, in black and white, for everyone to reflect on.*

That's why I loved this editorial from the Chilkat Valley News, which serves the region near Haines, Alaska (pop. 1,400) -- click to enlarge

Do you have any examples of your YOUR local paper (or a blog) served the community?

* And that's why it's depressing to see the government of Myanmar -- which so recently decided that civil rights were a good idea -- discuss a law to regulate newspapers "to ensure that they served the needs of Myanmar" -- as decided by government censors.

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