14 Aug 2013

Happy birthday to me!

I'm 44 today and definitely enjoying my life. In the near future, I'll be exploring the culture of Canada, life in Vancouver, and what's been going on with water policy in North America (that means the US and Canada -- and sometimes Mexico -- for you Americans).

What I'm curious to know (and perhaps frustrated to NOT know) is what I am doing wrong or what I am getting wrong, when it comes to improving water policy. I've seen lots of problems, and I've suggested lots of solutions, but I can't accept the possibility that special interests (those who benefit from current, unsustainable policies) are able to block change that will benefit the majority of us.

Is that the problem? Is there something I am missing? Can you suggest better ways for me to discuss these issues? People to talk to? Areas to tackle? Do tell.

Bottom Line: My life is great, and I'd love to improve others. Help me out :)