29 Aug 2013

Anything but water

  1. Reading! Some clever and funny advice for economics graduate students [PDF], how to start a business (failure is good!), how to be idealistic in an imperfect world, and a defense of humanity's right to sin against Earth (I agree that there's too much hyperbole, but I disagree that no action is necessary)

  2. Case studies: Thai rice subsidies spin out of control and the US government attacks a raisin farmer for engaging in business

  3. Commons versus private property: Nobody would pay so Ecuador's forests will be cut for oil

  4. Big business takes over government and citizens, worldwide, suffer

  5. Listen to this podcast, in which a brilliant political scientist discusses violence, instability and development. (Europe developed because nation-states fought themselves into progress, stalemate and stability)
H/Ts to and RM JP

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