24 Jul 2013

Speed blogging

  1. More on Israel's apartheid water policy (and Palestine's dysfunctional water bureaucracy)

  2. Ice and snow melt at record speeds... just as predicted by climate change models. The water cycle is intensifying. Can your infrastructure handle it?

  3. This big report [PDF] on Participatory Groundwater Management in Andhra Pradesh (India) explains how smallholders decided how to regulate their water use to increase groundwater levels and cropped larger areas

  4. The Mirage of an International Human Right to Water... results from a failure to recognize that change needs to happen at a deeper level than UN resolutions. Rights will only work where a functioning civil society exists

  5. This short, melodramatic film is aimed at raising awareness of water issues among the Punjabi population (it's got English and Hindi subtitles, I think). The director tells me that people made some small changes in how they used water after seeing it. What would Indian and Punjabi politicians say?
H/Ts to MGC and DL

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