18 Jul 2013

Speed blogging

  1. Here's my [pretty good] talk on "Water and the Economy" (PDF slides and 18 min MP3) from GIZ's Eschborn Dialogue on Development

  2. The Water Channel is running a series on salt. I'm one speaker in their very good introduction video (3 min). Go there to learn more about an ancient problem that is going to get MUCH bigger in the future

  3. This paper examines the use of public trust to overcome property rights when basins are overallocated. I support this idea if it's part of a comprehensive plan to move to sustainable water management (i.e., cap and trade), and I say more in this Guardian article

  4. This paper argues that African children are living longer due to private sector participation in water supply. Several reasons are possible, but competition and performance incentives probably matter. This OECD paper [PDF] examines water governance -- and its impact on the poor -- in Latin America

  5. Here's a summary of the damage from flooding in Germany. Over a thousand died in India from floods caused by "erratic" weather. Canada is also facing greater flood risks (Calgary, now Toronto). I learned that "water" now causes more damage in Canada than fires. These patterns will get worse with -- and already result from -- climate change. Related: The GAO samples [PDF] climate change preparedness at a few US government agencies

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