1 Jul 2013

Speed blogging

  1. Venkat, a colleague from Tamil Nadu (India) has an interesting paper on water markets [pdf]. He uses a "contingent valuation" approach to find what farmers are willing to pay/accept for "10 irrigations" of water. I found his method interesting because he used a bargaining model (i.e., low-ball bid or ask) to push supply and demand together. This method cannot be implemented without calibrating "irrigations" against crop types and total water availability

  2. DiFi says that California needs more storage. That's just silly (or pandering to farmers), given the bigger problems of managing groundwater (what's left) and reconciling demand across the state. Oh, and groundwater storage is MUCH cheaper and more effective than surface storage. Don't waste taxpayer money on subsidies to farmers!

  3. FAIL reporting on water infrastructure investment, e.g., Vegas spent $900 million to create no new water or conserve water and Australian bills rose to pay for (now mothballed) desalination plants -- not "due to drought"

  4. Jay Famiglietti gave a nice TEDx on "ending the global water crisis." I don't think it's global, but I agree that we need to stop screwing around on monitoring water stocks and flows. Learn more about THAT by reading his short Science paper on measuring groundwater [PDF].

  5. Here's a video and report [pdf] on a training program for community engagement in small-scale irrigation (it goes with the curriculum posted a few weeks back)
H/Ts to BB and RM