11 Jul 2013

Contest! Design the cover of TEoA 2.0!

As you may know, I am going to write a second version of my book.

The new version will have a different subtitle -- common sense solutions to water scarcity -- because it will have a different style. It's going to shorter, more direct and less academic, to make it more accessible to casual readers.

I also aimed to make the first version accessible (and many people said it was!), but I'm going farther now because I've had more practice discussing these issues and because I will keep the first version in print for readers who want more tables, figures, citations, footnotes, etc.

So, I need a new cover to complement the other cover.

I need a cover that stands out.

I've asked Nic -- he designed the first cover with my photo -- to think of another design but I'm also interested in other people's ideas and presentations, so I'm using a contest to help things along.

  • Front design needs space for the title, my name, and a blurb (like the old cover)
  • Back design will match/mirror -- so just work on the front design
  • Use any art (photo, design, colors) you want
  • Deadline is 31 Aug for a camera-ready (high resolution) PDF
  • Work with a 6 x 9 inch (15.54 x 22.86 cm) format; it may change
  • 100 EUR ($125/£90) plus the same per 1,000 copies sold
  • You will be mentioned as the designer inside the book
  • My eternal gratitude!

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