26 Jul 2013

Anything but water

  1. Ten lifehacks from 100 years ago includes this water filter

  2. Some cool 360 degree panoramas from Utah: river and arches

  3. Solutions Magazine: Successful community forest management in Mexico, reforming prisoners with gardening and the ongoing liability of "closed" mines

  4. A nice summary of Dutch drug policy from the Canadian government

  5. A roadtrip to learn how different people are adapting to climate change is a great idea, but don't forget that the VAST majority of adaptations will be invisible in the same way that we "invisibly adjust" while walking through a crowd
H/T to HZ

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Anonymous said...

That "water filter" is hilarious! You realize that that type of "filtration" will only remove most "sediments" and allow VOCs, pharmacological "wastes" and most water-borne parasites (bacteria & viruses) to pass right through, don't you? Moreover, while subsequent boiling of the filtered water will eliminate most of the biologic ingredients, even that will do little to nothing in making the water "safe" for consumption.

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