19 Jul 2013

Anything but water

  1. An interesting debate on the precautionary principle. Yes, it may be a good foil for dangerous innovation, but it's also a blunt -- and bluntly used -- instrument. I liked the last opinion -- that we may need to think less about precaution against what we fear (especially when individuals abuse our commons) and more about what we want, as a community

  2. An advertorial on the benefits of online energy auctions; these benefits apply to water auctions, should we use them more actively (hear that MWD?)

  3. Simple science fitness. Highly recommended information on diet and exercise

  4. Zenhabits is a nice website. Here are a few ways to focus on happiness

  5. "There is No Beepocalypse" shows how the market is maintaining honey and bee services, but it underplays, IMO, the environmental problem of losing bees
H/T to RM

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