15 Jul 2013

Anything but water

  1. The Political Economy of British Columbia's Carbon Tax [PDF] offers useful insights. On a related note, I wonder how these taxes (on carbon consumption) will interact with carbon accounting that's linked to production? China, e.g., "produces" a lot of carbon, but carbon embedded in exports would not be produced except for the consumption demand in the US and EU. Cap and trade makes it easier to hide carbon than a tax. Interesting...

  2. Here's a new paper [PDF] comparing Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI) to GDP (the conventional but flawed measure of progress). GPI captures other factors like sustainability and happiness. The authors find that GPI does not increase above GDP of $7,000, after which point "income" may be negative (e.g., consuming the environment or free time)

  3. Nine months ago, I put up an image showing drug use versus spending to prevent drug use. The data behind that figure were inaccurate, and someone on Reddit took the time to make it right:

    So the question is this: Are Americans willing to spend $65 to keep the drug war going? Even though most illegal drugs are safer than alcohol and -- get this -- marijuana reduces violence among prisoners

  4. Speaking of drugs, here's a one minute video on the effect of coffee on your brain. Fun fact: it doesn't stimulate you; it prevents you from getting bored

  5. Finally. The EU puts a limit on biofuels. That may save some rainforest from being converted into palm oil plantations
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