2 Jul 2013

Anything but water

  1. Colbert makes fun of an Iowa Congressman's attempt to prevent chickens from getting more space (based on a California law). I've not seen any studies on the cost-productivity tradeoff from these cages (there are LOTS of partisan opinions). Anyone?

  2. This NYT op/ed pretty much demolishes the "legal" excuses for criminal NSA spying on Americans.

  3. Cool websites to visit AFTER you've tried Reddit (where I get a LOT of cool stuff). I liked simple science fitness (and eating). Speaking of eating, here's a funny -- but accurate -- way to eat cheap, like a Puerto Rican

  4. The Economist advocates property taxes -- like I did five years ago :)

  5. An interesting podcast on money and happiness that clarifies a tricky question: money does make you happier, at a decreasing rate; people like to be better off than neighbors, but too much inequality can lead to problems (the Gini coefficient of inequality is 32 in Canada, 45 in the US and 61 in China). Speaking of China, here's a nice defense of its "knockoff economy" -- not only is it good for consumers (they can buy copycat brands) but it's good for innovation -- in the same way that blogs are good for discussing ideas. Oh, and don't forget that the US ripped off the UK for its first 100+ years...

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