13 Jun 2013

Speed blogging

  1. This project (==>) to clean up plastic in the ocean needs engineers!

  2. Water Alternatives has a fascinating issue on the culture ("the hidden dynamics") of water managers.

  3. More government screw ups: the ethanol glut and irrigation efficiency subsidies that increase water use -- as noted here and here on this blog years ago. (Here's the solution.)

  4. Subsurface desalination intakes are environmentally and economically better [PDF]

  5. Interested in water management in Asia or Africa? The International Water Management Institute (IWMI)  has hundreds of studies and projects on all dimensions of water. I'd bet that full adaptation of IWMI findings and techniques would end water shortage on both continents.
H/Ts to TG, DL and BS


  1. Food for glibertarian thought: http://www.salon.com/2013/06/13/grow_up_libertarians/

  2. 1) I'm not a "pure" libertarian; read the blog.
    2) Are you defending government screw ups in (#3)? Weird.
    3) Why are there no libertarian countries? Maybe because rulers don't like the idea, and people cannot migrate to avoid those rulers?

  3. I do read it, David. You're libertarian enough to wear some of the criticisms in lieu of deflecting. Have the courage of your convictions and own it. Not defending gov't screwups. I don't have an expectation of 100% performance, though.

  4. Sure, I'll own it, but what it are you talking about? I assume that you're saying that libertarians (me) can be, what, unrealistic? Do you have an example of where I am offbase on what I've said?

    You don't expect 100% performance of government? I don't either, but do you think that irrigation or ethanol subsidies are a good idea? That's not a libertarian problem as much as an economic problem, as you will have read here/

  5. Thx for #4 it's a great reference.

  6. You may want to consider why you reflexively defend glibertarianism in lieu of considering the criticism. Some frantic goalpost moving there.

  7. @anon -- why do you say reflexive? About what? Which goalposts? You continue to be vague, and I wonder if you debating me or someone else...


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