11 Jun 2013

Speaking of police states

There's an exhibition of World Press Photos in Amsterdam that's accompanied by an exhibit of "Russpress" photos from the past 50 years.

What's interesting is that those photos display the "heroic" and "beautiful" sides of Russian and Soviets, but not the destructive sides that are on display on the other side of the hall (e.g., war in Syria and Iraq, poverty in the US, etc.)

Why are there photos of Brezhnev the humanist, instead of Brezhnev the killer of Czechoslovaks? Why are there photos of valiant Russians in Chechnya, instead of the many extrajudicial killings those soldiers committed? Why do they show the firemen at Beslan instead of the 300+ people killed by a botched security operation? Where, indeed, are the investigative photos behind the apartment building bombings that lifted Putin to power "by accident"?

Well, one reason may be the sponsorship of Russpress by Gazprom, which is basically an arm of the Russian government Putin.

Bottom Line: I love the Russian people, but I'm quite surprised to see real-life agit/prop in these "modern" times.

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