21 Jun 2013

Is Calgary experiencing an oil-flood nexus?

Calgary (Alberta, Canada) is experiencing severe floods. A friend of a friend, in Calgary, wrote this on their Facebook:
I'm not sure that this guy is connecting the dots...
  • Climate change is increasing volatility in the hydraulogical cycle, e.g., more intense rain, and these floods are related to CC, i.e., they may be caused by it or are merely "consistent" with CC.
  • Alberta produces a lot of oil, and the burning of fossil fuels (everywhere) is putting more carbon in the atmosphere and thus driving climate change.
So, the "economic miracle" of Alberta does have something to do with CC, which has something to do with floods. It may be fair to say it's worth it (tax revenues "unite" Canada!)  but some people do not like that tradeoff.

Bottom Line: Don't claim credit for cash flows from oil production and then deny blame for floods that are connected to oil production.

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