20 Jun 2013

Flooding and climate change

That bus shelter in the foreground is on a street under 2m of water
I was in Budapest last week, where water levels were at "historic" highs. There was no Plan B or upstream means of reducing water levels if water had gone higher.

Time to move to the second floor?

(I'm also midway through Spike Lee's When the Levees Broke, a documentary about Katrina's impact on an under-prepared New Orleans. Probably a good idea to check out your local situation and your community's technical and social resources. I also saw The Island President, about the president of Maldives and his efforts to bring democracy to an island doomed by rising sea levels. Recommended for the gritty details of corruption and back room climate change negotiations. He's since been deposed in a coup -- bad news for his people.)

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RM said...

The Aaru River in Switzerland was still on the rise when we were there last month. The Aaru drains the alps and is a tributary to the Rhine. Its been a chilly & wet spring in much of Europe it seems. The Po River also rose substantially when we were in Cremona, bankfull plus, flooding some nearshore areas that are known to flood I suspect and they use as an overflow for higher flows. Chocolate brown river color.

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