28 Jun 2013

Anything but water

This is ONE photo, not four (click to enlarge)
  1. Google Reader will shut down on Monday. I don't use it, but over 1,000 people subscribe to this blog on Google Feedfetcher, which seems to be part of Reader. Here's a post on alternative readers. Feel free to leave suggestions or solutions in the comments to this post

  2. Tracy Mehan asks "why do we need a farm bill?" Good question -- I asked it five years ago

  3. Why charities should operate like businesses (e.g., bonuses, etc.)

  4. Want to save the planet? Buy an "earth share" for conservation. Not sure if this is a scam like moon shares. Thoughts?

  5. Don't harness energy from workout machines. Ride a bike to work! On that note, how the Dutch got their bike paths... in the 70s!

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