24 Jun 2013

Anything but water

  1. Refining self-interest: Academics used experiments to show that people in authority hold onto "inefficient" quantities of power -- and that their underlings contribute inefficient work effort [pdf]. From the opposite direction, Francis More Lappe ("Diet for a small planet") implores us to think with our eco-mind instead of our scarcity mind. (I think we combine the two, but I want people in power to be more eco. How do I get them to read and apply her ideas?)

  2. The economics of recycling (landfill is underpriced, so people need to be "irrationally" in favor of recycling to reduce waste going to the landfill -- but read this defense of prices in lieu of morality) and an update on farmers' quest for yield, featuring compost!

  3. Arnold Kling says that people use three different languages for politics (perhaps depending on the context), and that's why it's hard for some people to understand each other and make any progress:
    Progressives organize the good and the bad in terms of oppression and the oppressed, and they think in terms of groups. So, certain groups of people are oppressed, and certain groups of people are oppressors... Conservatives use civilization and barbarism. The good is civilized values that have accumulated over time and have stood the test of time; and the bad is barbarians who try to strike out against those values and destroy civilization... Libertarians weigh freedom versus coercion, so that good is individuals making their own choices, contracting freely with each other; and the bad is coercion at gunpoint, particularly on the part of governments.
  4. Tired of discourse? Maybe there should be a revolution?But there will be no revolution. What else can be done?
  5. Tired of all this? Look at these pretty pictures of man working WITH nature
H/T to RM