18 Jun 2013

Academic production AND marketing

For some time, I've held that academics do not contribute to progress because many of them fail to translate their work into the vernacular and make it available. In a recent email-exchange, MV gave me a case-in-point:
Typical for scientists: they do something which might even be relevant, but no one knows about it. Have the same with people working on drought: they write a benchmark book, but tell me about it 3 years later
What's to be done?

Well, I put my talks on my site, so that people can download/listen to them. Here, in fact, are recent talks on
I also put time into promote my existing ideas and papers, rather than just switching to a new topic and hoping that people will find their way to my popular and academic papers on my website. This paper was just accepted for publication:
Schuerhoff, Marianne, David Zetland and Hans-Peter Weikard (2013). "The life and death of the Dutch groundwater tax" [corrected draft] Water Policy forthcoming.
Abstract: We examine the Dutch national groundwater tax (GWT) --- a "win-win-win green tax" that promised to simultaneously provide revenue to government, reduce the relative burden of other taxes on productive behaviour (e.g., income tax), and improve environmental outcomes. We find that the GWT generated revenue without having a noticeable impact on production incentives or environmental health. Although the GWT is often cited as an example of environmental economics in action, it was neither designed, implemented nor operated in accordance with environmental goals. In many ways, the GWT was just another source of revenue --- and one that bothered special interests. The Dutch government revoked the "inefficient" GWT on December 31 2011.

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