28 May 2013

Two reviews, one post

I skimmed through two edited volumes on water and economics.

Investing in Water for a Green Economy (Young and Esau, eds.) has some "macro descriptions" of how water fits into an economy, some VERY basic water economics, and some farflung case studies. I don't think it's either thorough or clearly directed at "green economy," which seems to be a buzzword. THREE STARS.

In contrast, Water Trading and Global Water Scarcity (Maestu, ed.) succeeds with a narrower focus. The book starts with some water market case studies, then looks at problems in making markets work, suggestions of how to overcome those problems, and ends with some "optimal" scenarios of markets that would meet their (academic) potential. This book will give readers (who don't mind the academic and varying tone) a nice understanding of the policy issues. FIVE STARS.

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