6 May 2013

Speed blogging

Good reason to wash your hands :)
  1. Kaveh Madani argues [pdf] that it may be a bad idea to apply oversimplified game theory to climate change. (I agreed in this recent paper). I discovered long ago that game theorists have no idea of how to negotiate over climate change. I interpreted that result to mean that climate change negotiations were not going to go anywhere, but maybe it's better to say that we are using the wrong negotiators.

  2. Measuring the real cost of water from McKinsey should be entitled "save water and save other costs."

  3. (Not the Onion): The World Bank has launched its "Handwashing with Soap Toolkit" with lots of buzzwords: "modules, the theory of change, sustainability, resources, monitoring, Scaling Up, and interpersonal communication strategies." Even better "users of the toolkit can access narrated instructional presentations, research briefs, working papers and other tools informed by handwashing projects supported by WSP and implemented through government partners and local organizations." Wow, I didn't know that you need a PhD to wash your hands! Seriously: I know that it's difficult to get people to use soap when they never have, but I wonder if it wouldn't be more effective to get football players to wash their hands before they leave the pitch for halftime snacks or after they leave the locker room (toilet). Anyone?

  4. Kahn says raise prices... "She implies that it is a bad thing that water prices are rising... You can't oppose free market prices and then bemoan "crisis". If you like to play the game that way, you can move to North Korea." (Too bad he doesn't allow comments. What's he afraid of?)

  5. Crises are less of a problem when water providers face competition. Read about informal water sellers in Chennai (India)

  6. Is it a good idea for Oregon to sell its water? I think so... after it charges instate users for their supply and after it decides how much it wants to keep in its ground- and surface waters.
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