27 May 2013

Speed blogging

  1. Check out this presentation [pdf] on projects to reduce non-revenue water in Vietnam and Malaysia. Interesting details on the scale of losses (40%), payback (under 3 years) and keeping on top of leaks (slide 21).

  2. Lots of information: GW-MATE assisted the World Bank with groundwater management and protection, not only for water resource projects, but also in urban water-supply, irrigation infrastructure operations, and groundwater storage for climate change adaptation strategies.

  3. Recommended primer: "The Evolution of Water Law Through 4,000 Years," which says, e.g.,
    These laws reveal a process of communal management, although the actual provisions of the various codes were limited to liability for flooding a neighbor’s fields. The ancient Hindu Ar-thashastra... are similarly limited, providing that the water belonged to the king but authorizing private uses on payment of a tax so long as...
    Also read "Shaping Water Policy: What Does Economics Have to Offer?"

  4. Dutch advice to Colombians on reforming their institutions of water management.

  5. The fight for North Dakota's fracking-water market: some sellers are trying to protect their profits against other sellers. Reliability is going to suffer because groundwater will be depleted where there are too many pumping stations because the price will drop to the cost of pumping, which does NOT include the scarcity value of water!
H/T to DL

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